Stronger With Yoga



A safe, tried-and-tested method for healing hamstring and hamstring tendon injuries.

Hamstring tendon injuries are common among runners, yogis and other athletes. The practical, science-based techniques in this book will help you rehab your injury safely and at your own pace.


Hamstring and hamstring tendon injuries are painful, not to mention notoriously difficult and slow to heal.

If you’re tired of the constant ache, limited function and restricted mobility, and are itching to get back to your regular activities and training, this is your solution. Learn the necessary tools to manage your health and finally put an end to the cycle of chronic inflammation and irritation once and for all.

Benefits of this book

  • A conservative method, based in physiology, that harnesses the body’s own ability to heal. No woo woo nonsense.

  • A detailed explanation of the healing process: you take charge and participate intelligently and actively in your own rehab process.

  • Progress at your own pace: modifiable exercises for each phase of the healing process, designed to gradually strengthen the injury site, maintain range of motion, build functional strength, and injury-proof your hamstrings for the long haul.

  • Optional video sequences targeted to various stages of the healing process. While these are yoga-based, they are suitable for all levels and there is zero yoga experience needed.




By the way…

These video sequences are designed to be a comprehensive resource to take you through the entire rehabilitation process, from post-injury to long term strengthening and reinjury prevention. Each video is targeted to a specific phase of the healing process and directly corresponds to specific chapters in the e-book. While these sequences are yoga-based, they are suitable for all levels and there is zero yoga experience needed. We highly recommend utilizing these videos to gain the full benefit of the materials contained in the e-book.


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Stronger With Yoga was created by Jenni Tarma as a resource for athletes, active people and anyone wanting to move with efficiency and ease. She is a E-RYT200/ RYT500 yoga instructor, RRCA-certified endurance coach, Yoga Medicine Registered Therapeutic Specialist, CrossFit athlete and an enthusiastic if not particularly skilled surfer. Jenni teaches public classes and works with private clients, many of whom are recovering from injuries, seeking to improve athletic performance, or simply wanting to feel better in their bodies. A lifelong athlete and accomplished runner, Jenni’s interest in movement, biomechanics and anatomy have led her to study extensively with renowned teachers such as Sage Rountree, Tiffany Cruikshank and Jules Mitchell. She also loves to write and is a regular contributor to Yoga Journal on the topics of anatomy and yoga for athletes, as well as contributing video content to Yoga Vibes. She is the manager of all three Carolina Yoga studio locations.